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☝ M@ Bean ☝

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Driving through Oklahoma and saw this gem. #no #how #wut

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Not sure I’m a fan of getting my eyes dilated. New contact lenses, though!!!

I just found your blog and I love it. Just had to say.

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Thanks :)


Football season and I’m like

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Hi guuuuys! #athorable


imagine niagara falls….. but chocolate milk


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I need more gay friends.

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Not sure if you’re asking to be friends, but sure!! If not go to drag shows!! 😸

Can I lay on your chest?

Not unless you’re my boyfriend 😁

Oh my gosh you're so cute 😍😍


Hope he feels better!!! 😘

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Medicating with DayQuil, emergen-c, and kisses! He is making a speedy recovery ;) thanks

Someone isn’t feeling very good today…

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