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☝ M@ Bean ☝

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I wish we could be friends!

Asked by taylorryan174

So, let’s be friends!!!!

Do you have a preference of the two?

Asked by Anonymous

I equally enjoy both

Where did you post your nudes?

Asked by Anonymous

jackd or grindr

Do you top or bottom more?

Asked by Anonymous

Bottom, but not by much.

How big is your dick ?

Asked by Anonymous


Have you posted nudes?

Asked by Anonymous

Not on tumblr.

How did you meet hoffmanimus?

Asked by Anonymous

Jackd, grindr, and one great meal at a sushi restaurant.

List SOME of the ten hottest people you follow.

Asked by Anonymous


You say some then you give me a concrete number of  people..but in no particular order …

  1. mjpou88
  2. camsfarts
  3. cdnmooselr
  4. ethanwearsprada
  5. trojanfever
  6. yeevil
  7. mycouchpullsoutbut-idont
  8. basicblake
  9. matthewsbean
  10. foodwontbetrayyou

Honestly these are the first 10 people that come into mind (and I remember their URL lol)

1. hoffmanimus
2. sir-hathaway
3. mjpou88
4. kam808
5. sebhar
6. steevoooo
7. steviepsyclone
8. haleyouralpha
9. bbmvttmvtt
10. bahamvt

What's your favorite drink?

Asked by Anonymous



Margaritas 🍸🍹🍷🍺

Follow this guy, and mjpou88!!!

sir-hathaway replied to your post: “Ever jerk off on cam with someone from tumblr?”:

Before andrew.. As in andrewchristian? Matthew, is there something you need to tell me lol?


Who grows the better beard, you or hoffmanimus?

Asked by Anonymous


Do you remember your first crush?

Asked by Anonymous

A really amazing girl in the 5th grade named Kayleigh. :)

love your singing. And your originals songs are really good. Have you thought about dedicate your life to music?

Asked by Anonymous

When I chose to join the military I was going to school for music. However, I realized then it was a hobby, and maybe not a passion. I may pursue it if the stars align, but until then I will continue performing in my own home.

have your tattoos any meaning or it just because you like them? they are awesome btw

Asked by Anonymous

Thank you. Each of my tattoos have pretty significant meaning, and can be found under the /tagged/tattoo :)